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Your Mom vs. Your College Mom Friend

Soon you will leave the warmth and comfort of your real mother for the slightly more responsible college kid you will affectionately call your “mom friend.” The mom friend didn’t immediately give up a balanced diet for soft-serve dinners and probably still understands the archaic concept of going to bed on time. You didn’t think you could survive without your chauffeur, alarm clock, chef, confidante and hero all-in- one when leaving your real mother, but your future college mom friend deserves a shout-out on Mother’s Day too for keeping you from dropping out or falling in a ditch.

Waking Up

Your Mom: Your mom will gently nudge you awake, with the open door letting the smell of freshly baked pancakes waft in. She’ll tell you not to forget the lunch she packed for you and tell you to have a lovely day.

Your Mom Friend: She’ll call you a million times before your 8 a.m. because you begged her not to let you miss any more attendance points. You’ll finally pick up when you can’t stand the custom ringtone she set for you anymore and she’ll tell you to get your butt to class before she calls your roommate and tells her to get you out of bed.

Going to School

Your Mom: She might drive you to class on her way to work. She will probably sing and dance horribly to whatever Madonna song is on the radio. She’ll yell out the window as she drives away, “Have a good day, sweetheart! Make good decisions!”

Your Mom Friend: If you walk to class together, she’ll make sure to lead you on the route that doesn’t pass by Starbucks so you have no excuse to be late again. She’ll make sure to take detailed notes so you can message that guy you met on Facebook during class.


Your Mom: She packed you a sandwich, veggies, fruit, and a small dessert with a note to remember to drink some milk and have a good afternoon.

Your Mom Friend: She makes sure that after the 3 types of carbs loaded high on your plate, you at least glance at the salad bar. Sometimes she might convince you to go for some fruit.

Afternoon Activities

Your Mom: She makes sure you’re well-involved in team sports, academic pursuits and socializing so you can be a well-rounded human and college applicant. She will spend her time driving you back and forth to practice, tutoring and friends’ houses.

Your Mom Friend: She will make sure you actually get out and do something other than watching Netflix in your dorm room. She will drag you along to the gym or some campus activity just so you breathe in some fresh air and don’t grow bedsores between lectures.


Your Mom: She will tell you to be home at 10 p.m. with her minivan when you take it out on the town, and you will probably find her passed out on the couch waiting for you when you sneak in at 10:45.

Your Mom Friend: She will politely rip you away from the group when she knows it’s time for you to leave a bar or party no matter how much you protest, and you will always thank her in the morning.

Tucking You In

Your Mom: Your mom will lovingly pull up your blankets, give you a kiss goodnight and tell you to have sweet dreams.

Your Mom Friend: She will dump you on your dorm’s futon if she can’t get you to climb into your lofted bed, leave a glass of water with you for the morning and make sure your alarm is set for class in six hours.