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What Your First Semester Away From Home Will Be Like

November 17, 2016

There are a lot of things to expect your first fall away from home and one of the main things for me is how to eat out on a budget. Since I have no cooking experience what so ever I tend to eat out a lot and now that I am at college I can’t afford to eat out as much as I would prefer. I am still able to eat out some days during the week because I budget my money wisely.

Since I am not on a meal plan at UCF I buy everything that I eat including groceries and when I go out to eat. I budget my money so I am able to eat out twice or three times during the week and on the other days, I eat whatever groceries I buy at the store.

One tip I have for anyone that is in the current situation I am in should try to make friends with people who know how to cook. Since I’ve been at school I have made tons of new friends, including those who can cook.

Since I have a lot of friends that can cook, I just try to contribute to whatever meal they decide to cook and they’ll let me eat with them. I also offer to clean everyone who cooks dishes as well as set up the table. Since I have a kitchen and living room in my dorm, we are able to cook and eat together there.

Since all of my friends cook for me, I never have to worry about how or what I am going to eat ever. Just expect to be able to have some cooking ability unlike me so you’re not helpless when it comes to preparing and cooking your meals at school.