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What to Expect During Your First Fall Semester

November 01, 2016

College will be the best time of your life, and you will figure that out within the first couple weeks of your freshman fall semester. No matter what college you attend you will have a great time, meet many new people, and learn a lot. The fall semester is my favorite semester for many reasons.

Many of those revolve around college football and the weather cooling down. What incoming freshman can expect in the fall semester at almost any school include:

  • a huge influx in your social group
  • college football
  • the rec center and library are going to be extremely crowded
  • sorority and fraternity rush
  • fraternity and sorority date functions
  • ‘Uggs’ and quarter-zips will begin to make appearances around campus
  • intramural sports
  • clubs will be looking for new members
  • you might be left without power after a hurricane tears through your college town
  • the campus post-office and bookstore will be packed
  • you will find your favorite hang-out spots and places to go out to
  • your Facebook friends will go through the roof
  • you will spend a good amount of time on the phone with your parents
  • a few late nights in the library are guaranteed
  • a decent amount of naps will be taken
  • you will have to sit through the good and the bad classes you take

Personally, one of my favorite things to do during my free time here at Florida State is to go out on Landis green and throw the football. Fall is an awesome time of the year on any college campus. Although things may be a little hectic in the beginning of the semester, everything will settle down and you will find your groove.

Although the classes require a big time commitment and hard work, you will still have hours of free time every day. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this awesome time of the year, get involved as much as possible, and get outside and enjoy the great weather.