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What to Expect at Game Day

October 21, 2019

College game day does include everything you would expect, but there’s also some surprises you should prepare for. Of course, there’s a lot of drinking and fun, as the entire university joins together to cheer on your football team. There are, however, some things that you do not generally hear about before you actually experience you first game day.

The worst surprise by far is the heat. Assuming you stay in Florida, you know that staying outside in 90 degree weather while its 80% humidity outside is not fun. Many people, especially the people who drank a little too much at the tailgate, stay until about the first quarter or maybe the first half if they can last that long. Some end up just tailgating and not even stepping foot in the stadium. If you do actually enjoy watching football, or have true school spirit, then you most likely are gonna stay the whole game. If that’s the case, be sure you remember to drink water. UF this year started offering free water so you do not have to pay four bucks for a bottle of water, but definitely remember to stay hydrated, especially if you drink because you will be prone to passing out in the heat. Games are usually at noon or at four so it is very very hot, night games are a blessing if you are lucky enough to have a couple scheduled.

Another thing about game day that you would not expect is the food scene. This is much more specific to college towns, but everywhere will be packed. Everybody will be flooding restaurants and bars right after the game to get a bite in while watching other college teams play. Also, for the people who do not have tickets, odds are they will be watching the game in a restaurant or bar, so make sure you make sure to organize what your food plan is before game day, or you may end up getting stuck with a couple of fast food options and nothing else. Despite this, game day is a beautiful event that the entire college, and in college towns like Gainesville, the entire city looks forward to at the end of the week, so make sure to enjoy them while you’re here!