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What I've Learned in Quarantine

Find yourself in your bed almost all day? Yeah, me too. Well the real answer to this question of what I’ve learned during quarantine is this: not a lot. School has been hard to do online from home. However, as quarantine rages on, I have started to do a couple things a bit differently to keep myself focused.

The number one issue with quarantine that I have is that I no longer have a schedule like I did when I was in Gainesville. My day would consist of going to class, eating lunch, staying on campus until I got my things done, and then heading home to relax and do whatever. The reason I had set up my days like this was because I knew that at home, I was very unproductive compared to at school, thus I would get my work done on campus and not have to worry about it once I was back in my apartment.

Now that i’m back in South Florida, my house is way more distracting than my Gainesville apartment. I can’t leave the house to go to a library or something to get things done. So, I have learned that in order to stop procrastination, I need to set myself to a strict schedule. Make sure you watch those online lectures live, and do not let them start accumulating as you leave them for later.

Time management is easily the hardest part of college, and now it got a whole lot harder because my schedule is out of whack. Another thing I have learned is how much I miss the independence of not being at home with parents, boy was that nice. Last but not least, I miss exercising. My form of exercise was sports, I used to play soccer or volleyball all the time. Now that we are stuck in quarantine, that's not an option. Due to this lack of ability to leave the house, it is very easy to get lazy and do nothing but eat. Make sure you still get your exercise in and more importantly than ever make sure you are eating healthy, you don’t want to get out of this and go into summer without having your summer bod ready. Make sure you guys say safe, wash your hands, and stay inside ! The more we don’t obey quarantine, the worse this is going to get.