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What Coming Back to School After a Break is Like

January 30, 2018

Coming back to school after a break is a strange feeling. I expected coming back to Gainesville for the new semester to be similar to when I came back after thanksgiving, but it is something completely different. During a break like Thanksgiving, you tend to be thinking about school, as it is coming up in less than a week, and you are already halfway into your classes.

I found high school’s winter break to be more similar to a college students thanksgiving, rather than a college students winter break. During a high schoolers winter break you may have assignments and you are just halfway through the class. However, difference I found is that after the fall semester is over you are done. You will never have to see that annoying professors face ever again, you finally get to forget about college for a while, and because your classes are actually over, you actually forget about school, unlike in high school. Once college starts up again it hits you like a train. You start right off the bat with syllabus week. Which I made the mistake of thinking would be easygoing.

Syllabus week is very stressful. Your brain is still in relaxation mode, when you get hit with a truckload of information and dates , and what seems like the same lecture over and over and over again.

Another quick tip, people may syllabus week is easy, that’s because they don’t pay attention and don’t read the syllabus, but everything is in the syllabus, and I mean everything, so do yourself a favor by going through them all. Also, its add drop week, and most likely you are going to want to mess around with your schedule and try to get into that was full during registration, or get rid of that 8am class and change it to a more reasonable time. So, add drop week is not a simple as it sounds.

Do not make the mistake I did, and decide to return to college the Sunday night before classes start. I had my five hour drive up to Gainesville and got here relatively late and tired, only to wake up next morning to seemingly endless syllabus lectures. I recommend giving yourself a couple days in advance in your college town to get yourself reorganized. Get used to not sleeping in your bed at home, to not having your parents around to make food, and get back into the college groove.