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Using Your Break to Get Ahead On Work

November 16, 2017

Everyone loves a break from school. I just went home this past weekend, and it feels amazing. To be able to be back in your hometown, back in your house, and back with your friends is priceless. This makes it so tempting to be lazy and forget about school for the break and just relax and have fun. Make sure to get work done on your break, despite how much you want to completely forget about college for the entirety of your break.

Due dates creep up very fast, and professors do not care about your break; they want the material taught and the assignments done. If you get nothing done during your break, the first day back from your break will be a day of nonstop stress. The best advice to avoid this stress is to get things done at the beginning of your break, or even better, before your break. By working ahead of time you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy your break without having to stress about school work later on. The most important part of this is to be organized.

Make sure before you go on your break, you check all your classes and see what assignments you have to do. Once you know what you have to do, take the first couple days of your break to really focus on this schoolwork and power through.

Breaks are bittersweet, because you can ignore school for a period of time which is an amazing feeling, but that jump back to reality is a rough slap in the face. If you choose to not do any schoolwork during your break, that slap in the face turns into a knockout punch. You want to alleviate the transition from break to school as much as possible, or else that KO punch will plummet your grades when the stress of all the schoolwork overwhelms you. The slap back into reality will always hurt a little, but by organizing yourself, and doing work ahead of time and doing work during your break, you will be able to easily bounce back from the slap and continue your schoolwork on the front foot.