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Top 8 Things I Miss from Home that You Should Enjoy Now

December 08, 2016

College is a huge transition, leaving home for school beckons in a new era and quite possibly the best four years of your life. Your newfound independence in an unfamiliar place is something that should definitely be taken advantage of, but there are things that you will miss about home. Here I have created a list of the top 8 (non-human) things that I miss from home that you may or may not expect to miss, but should definitely take advantage of before they’re out of your life for months at a time.

1. My Dog

You can facetime, text, and call your family and friends to keep up with them, but you can’t facetime your pets. Trust me, I’ve tried many times to grab my pup’s attention while facetiming my brother, but he’ll never quite get it. It’s not his fault of course, he’s an angel among the undeserving, but the point is love your pets now. Soon it could be months of separation, and no dog you run into at school comes close to your dog, or cat if you’re into that.

2. My Bed

This one is pretty easy to guess, but there’s really nothing like your own bed. Coming from someone who hasn’t been home in five months, I just want to tell you to skip the sleepovers the week or so before you leave. College is one never-ending sleepover and now is the time to enjoy your bed.

3. Food

Sure everyone eats at school, there’s the notorious freshman fifteen, but it’s what I eat at school that makes me miss food so much. Most freshmen have to join some sort of meal plan and I’ll put it frankly, cafeteria food lives up to its reputation. There’s nothing like a fully stocked fridge and home cooked meals, so enjoy it while it lasts because I’m sorry to say that your 2x4 mini fridge full of pizza and juice won’t compare to your mom or dad’s cooking.

4. Sleep

Cliche, but get it now. Get lots of it. Live it, love it, embrace it, because very soon it will be a mere thing of the past.

5. My Hometown

Enjoy the quirks and spots in your hometown while you’re there. I never expected to miss some of the places and restaurants as much as I do, and college towns are great, but nothing's home.

6. Transportation

Lots of schools don’t let freshman have cars on campus, I happen to go to one, and most seniors in high school have cars and lots of freedom. A means of transportation is something not to be taken for granted, enjoy your liberty and your trips to Starbucks or Target now before you have to bum a ride everywhere.

7. Private Bathroom

At first, shower shoes will feel like the most unnatural part of attaining good hygiene in college, but as time goes on and your memories of better days where you could count the people who used your shower on one hand grow faint, you get used to it. Shower caddy life is upon you, so enjoy your time in your own bathroom now.

8. The Stuff I Forgot to Pack

Ok, so this isn’t one you particularly have to take serious advantage of while you’re home, but pack well and you can avoid this as a whole, after all it’d be tragic to hit December and realize your favorite lightup Christmas sweater is in a box in your closet.