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To Rush or Not to Rush...

February 28, 2018

Choosing to rush a fraternity last semester was one of the best decisions I have ever made. However, I didn’t always want to rush or pledge a fraternity. My original thoughts were that Greek life might not be for me. Going into college and my fall semester, I was reluctant because of the stereotypical stories you hear about fraternities as well as the recent tragedies that have been all over the news.

As rush approached in the fall, I decided to feel out the rush process and see if I could potentially see myself in a brotherhood. And the “brotherhood” sucked me right in. I rushed a few fraternities, but it wasn’t until I entered the last house on my list that I found home. Within any fraternity, there are also ample opportunities to get involved, whether it be through philanthropies or service events or serving on the executive board. Leadership is something I am extremely passionate about, and one of the many reasons I decided to rush.

I am also glad I rushed because I have broadened my network as well by joining a fraternity. As a business major, making connections and having a strong network is the key to being successful, and I did just that. There are 130 brothers that I know I can go to at any time for advice or to seek various opportunities. Lastly and probably most importantly, there is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than finding an exception group of guys that you feel embody your morals and values and that you can see as your friends and your brothers for life. In any fraternity, you are always going to be closest to your pledge brothers. I consider these 31 of my pledge brothers to be my best friends and best friends that I would not have made otherwise.

Throughout the pledging process, I got to know each of them and grow closer to them as the days went by. Brotherhood means something so much more when you’re in a fraternity that it must be experienced firsthand to fully understand its depths and the impact it can have on who you are and who you will become.