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To Drive or Not to Drive...Your Car to College

It's pretty common for first year college students to go without a car. It might be hard for you to imagine getting around car-less, but most college campuses make it really easy. So before you have to start setting aside your money for gas, here are a few things to think about:

1. Many colleges discourage first year students from bringing a car to campus

A lot of colleges discourage or don't allow freshman to have cars on campus. Check out your school's policies before driving there!

2. Most campuses have limited parking

Parking on campus is a common issue for most colleges. If you have the patience and the luck to find a spot on campus you will not want to move your car for the rest of the day, so how useful will it really be to you?

3. A lot of your friends will likely not have a car

You may be constantly asked for rides by friends or people might even ask you to borrow your car to run some errands.

4. Cars cost money

This might seem obvious to you, but having a car costs money. Oil changes, tire tune ups, and gas will eat away at your spending money. When you are a first year student, buying all your groceries for the first time is hard enough without having to set aside money for car maintenance.

Most college campuses provide alternative means of transportation since it is common for freshman to be without cars. Students can usually ride the city buses for free, or at a discounted price, and bicycling or skateboarding is always an option as well.