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Tips for Spring Breakers

The best part of spring semester in college is looking forward to spring break. Spring break is usually about a week long and it gives you the time to do stuff you have not been able to do during the semester because of school work. For myself, I am trying to plan on everything that I wish to do in advance while on spring break so I can do as much stuff as possible. Proper planning leads to time well spent.

One thing you need to keep in mind while coming home for spring break is to make sure you spend a good amount of time with family. For me, since I barely get to visit my family, making time for family while home is very important to do. Make sure you plan activities or just spend some quality time with them while your home. Also, while on spring break is the best time of year to go the beach with your family or friends. It’s usually the best weather around this time and going to the beach is always fun.

Also, while on break you should treat yourself so you should probably eat out if you have enough money saved up to do so. Honestly, nothing is better than some good company and amazing food. The good thing with spring break is that there is so many different things that you can do while on break. Like bowling, ice skating, mini golfing, movies, and other activities.

The thing that is best while on spring break is getting home cooked meals from your parents. Family meals are what I am looking forward to the most because while at school you don’t get to have all the amazing food that your parents make for you. If anything, you have to do everything yourself and it is nice to get a break from doing that and just being able to relax.