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The Best Time for Your College Visits

April 07, 2015

College visits are the best way to decide which college is right for you. There are many things you should look for while you're visiting the colleges you're interested in, but you should also try to go at the best times to get a feel for what that college is like.

How to Pick a Date

If possible, try to plan your college visits before your applications are due. That way, you'll know for sure which schools you want to apply for in the first place. Plan your visits well in advance, so you have time to figure out what you need to know and time to process everything before making your college decision.

The Best Season for College Visits

Most of the Florida colleges begin their semesters in mid-to-late August. So, late into your junior summer or early into your senior school year would be a great time to visit the colleges you are interested in.

After You've Been Accepted

Obviously, you will need to do your college visits before making your college decisions. And you may want to visit colleges before you apply. Regardless, you should try to visit the colleges you have been accepted to before the deadline to reply with your answer. That way you can make in-depth comparisons between the colleges that accepted you.

However, you shouldn't wait until you're accepted to do your college visits because you will only have a few weeks to visit before you have to make your college decision.

When Not to Go

There are specific dates when each college campus will be deserted. Check out our calendar to see when the breaks, exams, etc. are going on for each of the Florida colleges we tour. That way you can make sure to visit the colleges while they are in session.

Our college tour dates are planned for the best weekends to visit each of the Florida colleges that we tour. So check out our tour dates, and let us know which option will work best for you so we can get you started in your college decision process.