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The Benefits of Attending Summer School

Summer school at college is completely different than high school summer school. At college it means freedom, sleeping in until noon every day, and having almost no responsibilities. My first summer, last year, was the most fun I’d ever had. I made so many new and old friends, and had the time of my life.

This summer, I’m relaxing and boosting my GPA at the same time. Most summer days at college are devil-may- care, where you take one to two classes and can have a lot of free time. For example, within this first week of Summer classes, I built a shed for my fraternity, started working out, eating healthy, hosted a barbecue, and overall started to be more productive. I also have a lot of free time to party and still play video games with my roommates.

The other good part about summer is that classes tend to be easier. It’s a good time to boost your GPA because teachers are in a good mood (because it’s summer) and you have the option to take rigorous classes. I tend to take writing classes, that way I can knock them out instead of taking them during the fall or spring. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what classes you’re taking as long as you check with your academic advisor (guidance counselor) first, that way you won’t be killing yourself.

The convincing reason to tell your parents why you want to attend summer school is because it can keep your mind busy, instead of doing nothing at home all summer. It’s an easy way to further your education, and it keeps your brain active and ready for the fall semester.

Overall, staying at school for summer has been one of the best choices I’ve made in my college career, and hopefully I’ve convinced you (or your parents) to make that decision as well.