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Marin McCall

How to Make Your Social Media Accounts Recruitment Ready

Social media has changed the game in getting to know someone. Your online personality can say just as much about you as your real-life personality. When you decide to join a sorority, your potential sorority sisters may use social media to match you with girls to talk to during formal recruitment based on your interests, or even to see if you’re a good fit for the chapter. For this reason, you should put your best online foot forward. Use this summer to cultivate your online personality, and by fall, you should look like the sister everyone wants to have.

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Matt Brunswick

Rush: A Student's Perspective

February 29, 2016

When I thought of Greek life as high school senior, my mind always ventured to the stereotypes; pastel colored shorts, matching Polo’s, and of course, Animal House. Honestly I was completely turned off to the idea of rushing a frat, yet here I am, a freshman on the Administrative Board for the USF’s Delta Tau Delta.

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Alexis Diaz

Why Go Greek: A Student's Perspective

October 26, 2015

We know that Greek life is not for everyone so one of our FSU on-campus specialist, Alexis Diaz covers the pros and cons of joining a sorority or fraternity.

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