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Ivan Ochoa

Spring Break Trips

Now that it’s spring break season, vacation plans seem to be the only thing on students’ minds … No matter what you do this spring break, stay safe and have fun.

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Marin McCall

5 Types of Spring Break Trips to Look Forward to In College

What is a college student’s favorite holiday next to The Day Financial Aid Hits the Bank Accounts? The weeklong holiday of Spring Break. Every year, college students flash their new beer bellies and post-Freshman 15 bodies in swimsuits and flaunt their new adulthood by making poor decisions with money they’ve barely earned. Seniors, start saving up for your freshman year spring break getaway now.

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Marena Strauss

5 Tips for Spring Break

Hey! My name is Marena and I’m a current sophomore at the University of Central Florida. It’s almost March which means Spring Break is right around the corner!! Traveling home for Spring Break for me is a vacation alone, but when I was in high school I loved to travel over any break I could. There are so many great ways to spend Spring Break, but here are my top 5:

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Marin McCall

How to Recover from Spring Break Blues

Even if you didn’t go to some tropical destination for Spring Break, it’s likely you’ll be returning to school unready to deal with the rest of the semester ahead. However, there are ways to beat the Spring Break blues and enjoy the spring semester like you should.

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Hunter Cambon

Spring Break Advice

March 08, 2016

Short reminder for all you spring breakers

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