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Tag: how to get a good gpa

Samantha Sclafani

Beating the 8am Struggle

November 29, 2017

Although taking an 8 am class in college is not ideal, sometimes your only choice will be to take this unforgivably early class. This semester I had no choice but to take math at 8 in the morning and trust me, trying to make it to this class is not easy. However I do make it to the class by using these tips and tricks on how to beat the 8 am struggle.

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MK Moore

Checking Your Syllabus

November 20, 2017

I'll never forget the day my professor walked into class and told us that our negligence would make it impossible for anyone in the class to receive an A. The only thing that's exceeded our surprise was our confusion. Why all of a sudden could none of us get an A?

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Griffin Bria

Going Back to School

September 28, 2017

We're well into the school year and missing those long beach days. Now we're into rather long days in the library. Although your job in college is to study and get good grades, you also have to have a social life and have fun. Along with classes starting again, so does college football!

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