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Sloane Levia

Bringing Your Pet to College

December 07, 2017

Going away to college for the first time can be a very frightening process. You’ve left the security and comfort of being in your own home, being with family and friends, and sometimes most importantly, your pets. I have always been raised with a house full of assorted animals that I cannot live without. In preparing for the big transition of home life to academic life, it might surprise you that for many institutions of higher learning you may not need to be separated from your favorite pal.  

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James Greco

Keeping Your College Room Organized

October 18, 2017

Nothing annoys me more than having a cluttered and disorganized room; my OCD kicks in immediately if I see anything out of place. One of the best habits you can get into your first few weeks of college, if you haven’t already, is to keep you and your room organized. In doing so, you are more likely to know where the essentials are and when assignments are due.

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Michael Carvalho

Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Moving away from home for the first time into a tiny room can be daunting. Michael shares a few suggestions to help make your dorm feel like home.

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Samantha Sclafani

4 Tips to Maximize Your Dorm Space

Going from a regular sized room at home to your new shoebox room at college can be difficult but there are easy ways to stay organized and make the most out of the space you are living with.

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Hunter Cambon

Picking the Proper Dorm

April 26, 2017

Choosing your preferred style of dorm room is a big decision! Here's the different things to consider:

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Daniela Suarez-Rivero

College Dorm Checklist: A Student's Perspective

Our University of Florida On-Campus Specialist Daniela Suarez-Rivero shares her college dorm checklist for moving into the dorms at UF.

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