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Gus Martinez

Choosing Between Your College Acceptances

I want to talk to you today about choosing between your college acceptances. This is a very big decision that a lot of high school students have to make around this time. 

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Hunter Cambon

How to Choose From The Colleges You've Been Accepted To

January 04, 2017

Whether it's a couple to choose between or many, you are making a huge decision toward your future. Here's my advice to you

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Christian Speranza

Choosing Your College, Advice From A Student

December 19, 2016

One thing that is always difficult for seniors in high school is finally having to decide what college they’re going to go to after being accepted into certain universities. I remember when I got accepted into all the schools that I applied to. It was amazing that I got into all of them, but at the same time I had to make a very difficult decision regarding what school I wanted to attend for the next four years of my life. This is something you must do a lot of thinking and reflecting on because of the importance of the decision.

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Hunter Cambon

FSU College Visit

September 14, 2016

Our college tours cover UF, FSU, and UCF campuses over a 3 day period. Here's what you'll get to see during the FSU college visit:

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Gabriela Davila

3 Reasons to Attend UF: A Student's Perspective

November 10, 2015

Guest blogger, Gabriela Davila helps us understand why she made the decision to attend UF.

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Lauren Grzywna

3 Reasons to Choose FSU: A Student's Perspective

October 06, 2015

Guest blogger, Lauren Grzywna explains how she decided to attend Florida State University.

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Hunter Cambon

Why College Tours Are a Must

September 15, 2015

Would you buy a car before test driving it? You'll be spending at least the next 4 years on your college campus so you should find out anything and everything that you can before making your college decision.

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Alexis Diaz

3 Reasons to Choose FSU: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Alexis Diaz helps us understand why she made the decision to attend FSU.

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Daniela Suarez-Rivero

3 Reasons to Choose UF: A Student's Perspective

U See It wants to welcome guest blogger, Daniela Suarez-Rivero, to give you some insights from a student's perspective. 

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Veronica Cuetos

What “Nole Nation” Means to Me: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Veronica Cuetos helps us understand why she made the decision to attend FSU.

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