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Peter Pecic

Black and Gold is the New Black

On a college campus, you are never too far away from something free: free food, free pens, free tote bags, etc.! However, the number one object you will acquire in excess while at college is, undoubtedly, free t-shirts! So the question must be asked: How many free t-shirts is too many? The real answer? None!

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Hunter Cambon

UCF College Visit

October 19, 2016

Our college tours cover UF, FSU, and UCF campuses over a 3 day period. Here's what you'll get to see during the UCF college visit:

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Marena Strauss

3 Reasons to Attend UCF: A Student's Perspective

I love exploring new places, meeting new people and learning new things. So when I was searching for places that I would want to spend the next four years of my life, the University of Central Florida seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The campus is beautiful and just far enough away from home to be a new adventure, the student body is pretty huge with so many new faces to see, and the academics are outstanding.

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Marc Sznapstajler

3 Reasons to Choose UCF: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Marc Sznapstajler helps us understand why he made the decision to attend UCF.

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