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Summer Travel on a College Budget

Traveling is something every college student wishes to do but most likely can’t afford. However, it is not an impossible goal to accomplish if you manage the amount of money you are willing to bring and spend.

For example, I am currently staying in Peru for two weeks with my friend and her family. In order to make this trip possible I had to work and save up money in order to go. What I was able to save up wasn’t a lot to begin with, therefore it was important for me to work out a specific budget for my trip and find the most economic and affordable ways to get me there as well as enjoy my time in the country.

In order to save money, I purchased the cheapest round trip plane ticket to Peru. I planned to stay in the capital, Lima, and at my friend’s house so I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. For my trip to Cusco I purchased another cheap airplane ticket and organized a stay at an affordable room I got from Airbnb. We are getting around from place to place in street taxis or by foot which saves up a lot of money considering how expensive it is to hire a tour guide to show you around.

All in all my two week trip to Peru did not surpass my $1,200 budget. It was also made possible given that the countries’ currency, Soles, has an exchange rate (from Soles and US dollars) of 3.26 S/ to every $1.00. The difference between US and Peruvian currency came in handy when purchasing basic necessities such as food, and it also made shopping way more affordable. The website I used to buy the plane tickets was which helps you find the cheapest plane tickets and hotels for your desired destination.

So, as you can see, summer trips are possible. Just plan it out and let us know what you come up with!