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Summer School for College Freshman

This month I am going to talk to you about why you should take summer school as a college freshman. I took Summer B my freshmen year at the University of Florida, and it was definitely one of the greatest choices that I have made.

The pros of taking summer school extremely outweigh the cons of taking summer school. Summer school lets you experience college, but without the stress that comes with it. As an incoming freshman, you would not be taking extremely hard classes. You’d probably start with general educations classes that are extremely easy to get A’s in.

Summer school is also a great way to learn the campus. When I went into summer school at the University of Florida, I had absolutely no idea how the campus was laid out. By the end of the summer session, I knew the campus like the back of my hand. When Fall semester started, all of my friends who did not do summer were completely lost on campus while I felt extremely comfortable finding my way around campus.

Another pro of summer session is that it immerses you in “college life.” In summer session, you get to experience parties and classes, and you learn to manage your time. By the time Fall semester comes around, you know exactly what you need to do in order to get A’s. Summer session allows you to learn from your mistakes, because you can afford to make some minor mistakes during the summer session. In Fall, you really can’t afford to make mistakes, because your classes will be harder.

Another pro of summer session is that it allows you to boost you GPA because you’ll be taking easy classes, in which you can get A’s in. The final pro of summer session is that you get to make new friendships, which will definitely carry over to the Fall semester, which will make your whole college experience easier.

The cons of taking a summer session are that you have to take classes during summer break, and you’re away from your friends and family while they are enjoying their summer vacation.

I really hope you take my advice and take a summer session, because summer session was one of the best times of my life.