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Spring Break Trips

Now that it’s spring break season, vacation plans seem to be the only thing on students’ minds. When you look around, many students are looking forward to their spring break vacations, while others are just planning on kicking back at home and relaxing.

One of my favorite spring breaks trips would have to be when I went to Belize. My entire family, cousins and all, went on the trip. I spent the week on a little island called Key Caulker. Home of the Split, the island is full of adventures from diving beautiful reefs to paddle-boarding wind sailing and much more. The little island is also home to a bar called the Lazy Lizard where most of the party scene was during the day. We were able to order drinks without even having to get out of the water at the beach. When day turned to night another bar on the opposite side of the island took over the party. I remember going to bed as the sun came up talking to my cousins about how great of a day we had. 

If traveling away isn't for you staying home isn't always the worst idea. Personally, I like to use the time to go back home to see the family I haven't seen since the start of the semester. I love being with my family so being away from them does make me sad, but seeing them after a while makes me much happier. I also like to take the time to just work as much as I can. I like being able to make a little extra cash to put away for my next adventure. This year I plan on both hitting the beaches in Fort Lauderdale and getting some family time in. Going back home I can have the best of both the partying and traveling and the being with my family and friends. 

One thing I’d like to say to end this is, no matter what you do this spring break, stay safe and have fun.