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Social Distancing Date Ideas

March 09, 2021

COVID SUCKS! In today's world of social distancing, it’s hard not to be around loved ones especially and dating is no exception to that. These ideas will keep in mind the idea of social distancing but will not 100% guarantee your safety from COVID-19.

If being together is hard for you and your significant other don't underestimate a simple video call. Whether it's over facetime, zoom, Snapchat, or oovoo there are many ways to talk to someone and still see their beautiful smile. One idea you could do is a long-distance dinner date. Agree on a recipe and a time to cook “together.” Once you have that done, head to the store for some ingredients and meet back at the agreed time. Then get to cooking! This could be a fun way to both eat and test out your cooking skills and still see each other over the call.

MOVIE NIGHT! One of my favorite date nights is building a blanket fort and watching movies together. Even if you can't be together a great site worth trying out is Netflix party. The site allows users to log into their own streaming site while syncing with friends and allowing for a group chat along with the ability to sync playtime and actions along with multiple devices. It’s a great way to get everyone to start a movie at the same time and still chat.

Another great idea would be to get outside! Everyone is tired of being locked up. With many things shut down it could be a challenge to go out and have fun. Hitting a local park for a hike or a picnic is a great wait to be together and away from other groups of people, you don't live with. Going for a walk or spending the day by the pool could also be a fun relaxing time.

There are 100s of ways to making the most out of a date night. With just a little imagination anything is possible. Living in 2021 really makes it easy to be with each other even when we can’t.