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Showing School Spirit at Football Games

October 12, 2017

Being a die-hard Gator fan for the past eighteen years, I, like many other kids at UF, have been waiting for the day I could finally display my school pride as a student here. Over the years of attending football games, I have seen it all- orange and blue striped overalls, jorts, UF-colored Heelys, and even a full UF-themed suit. Game day spirit really is something else when at a big southern state school, so there is extremely little that will be too outrageous when it comes to attire.

However, there are things that are typically more common than others. Due to Florida heat and the fact that many football games are in the middle of the day, it is usually best to stick with anything short sleeved. From here, adding orange and blue is easy. A lot of girls choose to wear dresses or rompers in either these colors or white, and add plenty of Gator accessories. I always add festive necklaces or bracelets, and have even invested in a pair of sunglasses with “Gators” painted on them. One fun thing about being in a sorority is that you are given “game day pins,” with your Greek letters stitched on, to show both pride for the gators and for your chapter. Alternatively, for guys in fraternities, oftentimes they wear polos to the games that have their letters stitched on them as well. Overall however, polos are a common choice for all guys, along with t-shirts that support the color the Gators are wearing that week. 

Finally, I think one of the best ways to show school pride is to get fired up during the games by joining in each song and chant. UF has some great traditions such as the fight song, screaming for the “money down,” and my personal favorite, singing “We are the Boys” in the third quarter with everyone’s arms around each other. Looking around and seeing 90,000 people all sharing the same passion for your school truly evokes the greatest sense of pride imaginable and makes college football the amazing and uniting event that it is.