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Saying Goodbye for Summer

Hey guys! My name is Marena and I am a sophomore at the University of Central Florida. I have left college for Summer break two times now and each time is still as bittersweet as the first. My first year I packed up my dorm room. This was more sweet than bitter because I was not a fan of my roommate and I had a rough first year and was totally ready to come home. However I lived across the hall from two girls who became my best friends, so no longer being two steps away from their bedsides was pretty sad.

I ended up living with one of the girls for my second year, but it just was not the same as dorm life. Getting through that first year with all the ups and downs of a new place and being on my own was way more doable with them right next door; saying goodbye was tough but we made the best of our last few days together. Leaving my apartment this year was almost worse than moving out of my dorm. I am living with total randoms in the Fall and I won’t be a wall away from my best friend anymore, which is scary considering we do literally everything together. This was probably the toughest goodbye yet; I know we will still spend all of our time together but it will be different and we will be even more “on our own”.

We said our goodbyes and went out for one last hoorah, and we have managed to still talk everyday since we left school. The best thing about college goodbyes and moving out at the end of a year is that you get a few months as a break and then you’re back with your people living like nothing ever changed. I would call them “elastic friendships”; no matter how long you are apart and doing your own thing over Summer, your pals are waiting for you to get back to your school shenanigans and everything goes back to the way it was. Goodbyes can be tough, but they really aren’t forever and that’s what makes them great!