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Remote Learning for Me

Remote schooling has been slightly more difficult for me for a couple reason but certainly doable. For starters, all of my classes this semester have involved working in groups which to my surprise has gone very well so far. With that being said, doing group work online and not being able to communicate face to face has definitely made one or two of my classes a little harder. In one of them we are doing a research project together as a group and when we submit assignments we submit one for our whole group and not individually. Being separated and out of the regular rhythm of class has made it harder for us to stay on the same page and discuss things as a group simultaneously. Thankfully our teacher is aware of this and is very willing to help and give us extensions on work when needed. As far as my other classes things have been going pretty smoothly.

One of my class that use to be at eight in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays now has pre-recorded lectures that I can watch on my own time so that is definitely a plus. For the most part though I miss going to class and seeing my friends, but at the same time I can only enjoy all of the free time I have with my family and brother. Being quarantined at home has gotten me out of my regular routine of doing things like waking up to go to classes, going to the gym, and spending time with my friends. Although I am happy to be safe with my family, it has been slightly more difficult to stay on top of my school work now that I do not have this routine to follow. To me, the upside of remote schooling is more free time but the downside is less motivation to do my school work.