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Picking the Correct Major for You

February 12, 2018

Picking a major is probably the most important decision in your college career. Your college major has the potential to change your life. Not only will it affect your day to day life (classes and clubs) but it also has the potential to impact your future life (career choice and job). The major that I chose is accounting. I chose accounting because I am passionate about money and business, and I know that I will most likely earn a good job in the business field with my accounting degree.

The most important part about picking a major is to pick a major that you will enjoy. You will not only be studying this daily, but you will also most likely have a job in the field that you are majoring in. Life is not all about money. And college isn’t just a place to learn how to get a job. College is a place where you get to experience new things with new people, and your major is plays a pivotal part in your college experience. Now, when picking your major, you do have to be realistic. You have to pick one which you enjoy, but one that will also allow you to have a successful life. Although college is about new experiences, you are there to get a good degree; a degree which will help shape your future. I know accounting will allow me to get a good job, and I also know that I will enjoy my job as a CPA (certified public accountant).

I’d say the most important part about your picking your major is picking a major that you have a passion for. If you do not have passion for your major, you probably will not succeed in your major, and you definitely will not be happy.