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Packing Up Your Dorm Room & Saying Goodbyes

Like many of the good things in life, your freshman year of college is going to go by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it you are going to be packing up your dorm room and saying goodbye to all of the friends that you’ve made. This can end up being more complicated than you would expect, so here are some tips.

I just moved out of my freshman dorm two weeks ago and it ended up being a much bigger project than I had expected. During your freshman year you will probably end up getting a lot of stuff, anything from shirts to flags to school memorabilia, that starts to build up in your room. The first thing you should do when you are ready to start packing is find all the stuff that you don’t need and either donate it or throw it out.

Then you are going to be left with the various things you want to take home, your clothes, and your bed set. To pack up these things you can use cardboard boxes or garbage bags. Cardboard boxes will help you stay more organized and can be bought cheap at any FEDEX or Office Depot store.

Once you are packing up you have one more decision to make, what you are going to do with your things. Since you are only going home for a few months you may not want to take all of your boxes home. Many people either share a storage container with some friends or leave their things in the apartment or house that they are moving into when they get back to school in the fall.

Saying goodbye to your friends at the end of the year is always tough in college because a lot of your friends don’t come from the same place as you so you may not see them for a few months. Make sure that you have all of their contact information to stay in touch. A lot of people also plan summer trips to either go back to their college for Fourth of July weekend or even travel to their friends home towns. This can be a cool idea because it will give you an excuse to travel and see your friends again.