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Major Crisis? How to Choose a Major

November 26, 2018

Something funny about college, at least here at UF, is that at orientation, (we call it Preview,) you’re required to pick a major. Although it can be exploratory in a certain area, I think this single-handedly was the reason for a LOT of stress on my end during that experience. (Disclaimer: I’m a control freak.) I’ve known since the age of eight years old that it was my dream to go to dental school, however I had no idea that you could major in anything whatsoever and still achieve this goal. That being said, I began college as a public relations major. Yeah, makes sense right? 

The moral of this story proceeds to say that no matter what you begin majoring in, there’s no need to panic. For most, we’re young and don’t even know what we’re doing tomorrow, let alone the rest of our lives, and a lot of schools understand that. At UF, changing your major is about as easy as a meeting with a counselor and a few clicks on a computer. (For other schools, this may not be the exact case, but forming a good relationship with an advisor will definitely help you gauge the numerous career options for the major you are in.) 

That being said, one of the greatest aspects of my freshman year was meeting so many new people on my same track and hearing advice from current, older students. Advisors can be helpful, but this to me was by far the most beneficial for helping me find direction in the realm of majors. If you can, talk to some juniors and seniors who are solid in their major and see what feedback they have about it and what they hope to do with their degree. This can help you see your own thoughts on certain paths that you may not have thought about before getting too far in your collegiate career. But at the end of the day, if you’re really stuck, you can begin as exploratory, take a variety of classes from different majors and see what strikes your fancy. In this day and age, it’s ultimately not as much about the major itself, but how hard you work at it!