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Is the 8AM worth it?

January 14, 2020

You will probably hear most people tell you to never take an 8am class in college. I would say it depends entirely on you, as there are pros and cons to taking a class that early. The most important thing when deciding whether or not to take an 8am is to look at what other times you could take that class. A class could have an 8am time and an 11am time, in which case I would tell you to get on your laptop as soon as registration opens, because everyone is going to be fighting for that 11am period. If you are slow, then you are going to be stuck with the 8am.

If that is not the case, and you are stuck between choosing 8am or 4pm that where I would argue the 8am is well worth it. Maybe you are not a morning person, or maybe you are going to go out every night, and 8am with a hangover sounds terrible to you, but I would argue that the 4pm is much worse. Having classes late into the afternoon are terrible times because they seem to fill up the whole day. It does not seem like you can do much before class and by the time you get out of class and back home, it’s already time for dinner. Then again, it entirely depends one you, I for one would much rather get my day over with early, and have the afternoon to do homework, study, or whatever the heck I want. I try to have my first class of the day before 10:30 to make sure I am out and about early.

However, some people have a hard time waking up early and just despise early classes. You woke up early to go to high school every day, and it is very easy to pick a bunch of afternoon classes and sleep in, but I would still warn against it, because when the real world hits, and your job makes you come in at a bright and early 9am and you will be staying there until around five with no time for your best friend in college (a nap) you are going to really struggle and rely on caffeine to keep you going. My advice is: take the early class, stay in the routine of waking up early, and be productive. This way, you can get so much done in a day when you decide to face it early. The days where I do have class starting later than 10:30 I find myself extremely unproductive, and seem to get nothing done in comparison to my earlier days. Nonetheless, most of you guys will probably not listen and take the later classes and sleep in trying to cure your hangovers which is totally fine, just be ready for a rude awakening when you can’t take a nap during lunch break at wherever your career takes you!