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How to Visit Other College Friends

November 01, 2017

Having pride in your college town is an awesome thing. Being able to actually call your university home can make college a much better experience for anyone. Taking road trips to your friends college towns can also be a really fun experience though and I would recommend doing it any time you get the chance.

I’m a sophomore at Florida State and since I started
college I have had the opportunity to visit Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, Auburn, and North Carolina State to see friends. While I do love Tallahassee, these trips have made up some of my best college memories so far. The biggest reason that taking trips to different colleges is such a good time is because you get to see your friends from back home.

It's always nice to get to hang out with your high school friends again, and it is especially fun in a college setting. I personally really enjoy getting to experience how life is at different universities is and seeing how my friends college experiences compares to my own. This can be even more fun when you go on the trip with friends from your home university. It's fun to have your different friend groups hanging out together.

I recently got to experience this when I took advantage of our hurricane days off to visit North Carolina State with some of my Florida State friends. The biggest obstacles between you and a fun weekend in another college town are probably going to be finding time, transportation, and budgeting. If you are able to work these things out you’re definitely in for a good time though.

As far as finding time goes it is always a good time to travel to a friends school for your school's away football games. A lot of people will also go out of town if their university gets time off from school; I’ve done this both times we have had hurricanes cancel class since I started at Florida State.

The easiest way to keep these types of trips cheap is to stay with your friends, never pay for a place to stay when visiting a friend's college! It is always a good idea to carpool and split gas as well to save even more money.

All in all visiting other universities is generally always a fun way to spend a weekend or time off from school. Seeing old friends is always a good time and it is easy to find ways to travel on a budget. I recommend visiting other colleges or having friends visit you whenever you get the opportunity!