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How to Make Your Social Media Accounts Recruitment Ready

Social media has changed the game in getting to know someone. Your online personality can say just as much about you as your real-life personality. When you decide to join a sorority, your potential sorority sisters may use social media to match you with girls to talk to during formal recruitment based on your interests, or even to see if you’re a good fit for the chapter. For this reason, you should put your best online foot forward. Use this summer to cultivate your online personality, and by fall, you should look like the sister everyone wants to have.

Expand your girl squad.

How do you know that you want to be friends with Taylor Swift? The pictures of her belting out some high note on stage? Braggy. The pictures of her glammed up on the red carpet or some magazine cover? High maintenance. The pictures and videos of her cats? There’s a reason “crazy” typically comes before “cat lady.” The pictures that make you want to be friends with Taylor are the ones of her and her famous girl squad.

Because her group is so large and diverse (at least occupationally, age-wise and personality-wise, if not racially), you know that Taylor can get along with many types of people. Seeing that Taylor has a lot of friends makes you want to be friends with her. And seeing that a lot of people like her makes her seem less braggy and more proud of her success. Less high maintenance and more #goals-worthy. Less crazy cat lady and more… Well, there’s no denying that she’s a crazy cat lady, but at least she owns it.

You are the company you keep, and the more company you keep, the better in a social organization like a sorority. Take and post pictures with all of your friends and everyone you hang out with this summer. Soon, you’ll have upwards of 100 sisters to take pictures with at any time. Let your sorority know you can handle it.

Make sure your profile represents the current you.

Somewhere along the way you liked the Facebook pages Spy Kids 4, Abercrombie and Fitch, and “when guys give u their sweatshirt wen u get cold <3.” Your Twitter bio may still be inside jokes from freshman year of high school. Maybe you Instagrammed tickets to a Justin Bieber concert after his first relevant years and before his current ones. And maybe you still enjoy all of these things, but there’s no doubt you’ve changed since then. Update every detail of your profile to reflect who you are in the present day so that your sorority stalkers can get an accurate depiction of you.

Only keep photos you’d want your ex to show his current girlfriend.

If Johnny’s new girlfriend asks to see the girl who broke his poor little heart, you won’t want her to see a picture of you with your eyes half-closed and a drink spilled down your shirt. You’ll want her to see the pic of you in Turks and Caicos with your hair blowing effortlessly in the wind. The kinds of pictures you want a potential future sorority to see do not have to be as clean-cut as they do if a potential future employer or, like, your grandmother is looking, but they should still be flattering. Comb through your own photos and also the pictures you’re tagged in to make sure each one is showing you in your best light.

Caption game matters.

Contrary to the stereotype, sororities will not only be looking for the most attractive girls, regardless of personality. Sororities are choosing you based on how much they want you to be a part of their sisterhood, which means the inside matters too. The best way to show off your inside is in what you write on social media. Throw a couple puns in your bio if that’s your style. Add in a witty, sarcastic caption to an otherwise basic picture. Pick your spirit emoji and own it.

Make at least one profile public.

This is optional, because some scary things can happen if you have too much personal information on a public profile. But since you’ve cultivated your online personality so much, why not show it off? Sure, heavy privacy settings can add an air of mystery, but letting everyone see how gorgeous your style is on Instagram, how well-liked you are by your Facebook friends, or how hilarious you are on Twitter is only going to work to your advantage.