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How to Give In to Senioritis the Right Way

February 02, 2017

Next to her crackers and ice packs and maybe one broken-down pair of crutches, your school nurse stocks the common cure for senioritis: a smack upside the head and a lecture about not letting your grades slip lest your chosen college find out and drop you like a hot (future couch) potato. Fortunately, second-semester seniors can manage this common affliction without that bitter pill. Senioritis does not have to be terminal for your attitude, your grades or your college aspirations. Live with your disease with these easy steps:

1. Become more friendly with your teachers.

You may never get on a first name basis with your teachers in high school (look forward to that in college), but like Joker and the Batman in later comics, the high school teachers you tormented have developed a reluctant respect and rapport with you. If you haven’t already made friends with your teachers for recommendations, make friends now. Joke around, hang around after class and get them to go off on tangents about their lives during classes. You’ll never know how these connections will help you in the future.

2. Make socializing a priority.

Other grown-up responsibilities should still be first, but seniors should definitely make an effort to socialize more. You’ll never see some of the people you’ve spent the last four years with again. Talk to someone you’ve always wanted to know or squash the beef you’ve had with someone since sophomore year. Your van on the way to college will be full enough with all that overpriced dorm décor; so don’t take your grudges and regrets along for the ride too.

3. Let some deadlines go.

For all teachers reading this: I don’t mean homework deadlines. But other self-imposed deadlines, like being popular by senior year or knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life by the time your relatives start asking, can fall off your calendar. In reality, those big red circles you’ve drawn around dates for Big Life Decisions  will fade the more college tests what you really know about yourself.

4. Sleep more.

Preferably, don’t snore through your studies, but catch a few more Z’s leading up to your college days. College will show you how much caffeine a body can really withstand. You probably won’t be between those Twin-XL sheets as much as you’d like. Take advantage of the time you have now to visit your dreams before your first college report card shoots them down.

5. Pick on the freshmen.

Don’t channel any classic movie villains and dish out wedgies and swirlies, or today’s equivalents, the obvious subtweet and the finsta shoutout. But enjoy the time you have now to be the alphas on campus. Affectionately (and a little enviously) tease the freshmen about having four more years of high school to suffer through. Act like you own the school and everyone in it. Next year, you won’t be able to say the same.