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How Colleges Are Going Green

Hi, my name is Marena and I am a proud tree hugger! I am very adamant about keeping up on the global news about eco-friendliness and situations where things are not so eco-friendly around the world. As members of the generation on the edge of being responsible for our world, I think that going green is one of the most important tasks that we need to conquer to keep our planet healthy and for us to continue as a species.

I go to UCF in Orlando which is a very modern and progressive university; our engineering program has put multiple new concepts into action in the real world and our school continues to contribute to society in many ways. Our school has a great recycling program with recycle bins next to almost every trash can, however our on campus “greenness” could definitely be better. Other schools like Stanford University, have done away with all plasticware in their dining halls, using only compostable utensils and plates and bowls; the University of New Hampshire is the first school in the nation to use enriched, purified landfill gas from a pipeline to power their campus with up to 85% from renewable resources.

Many other universities have come up with a green initiative fund of some kind, this means that students who have eco-friendly ideas can have funding to bring their ideas to life and hopefully make society a little greener. There are tons of ways for students to lower their carbon footprint and their campus’, however some of these ways will only work if each student puts in a little effort. Like recycling programs need people to actually separate recyclables from trash or else the recyclables can’t be properly recycled at the plant. So remember, as colleges become more sustainable, you can help and participate to make the planet healthier for yourself and your children in the future!