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Healthy Habits Then and Now

April 13, 2020

The list of reasons to form healthy habits on campus is endless. Doing well in classes, enjoying relationships, engaging in extracurriculars and so much more all stem from maintaining your physical and mental health. This can look different to everyone, but the following are some of my favorite tips:

-Exercise regularly: Try and dedicate a slice of your day to being active- hitting the gym, running stadiums, taking a workout class, swimming in a campus pool, or playing intramural sports are all fantastic ways to blow off steam and revive your brain while doing something great for your body!

-Be mindful of what you eat: This sounds obvious, but adjusting to choosing or preparing meals can be tough for some students. Both with my meal plan and cooking at home, I try and include a fruit or veggie in each dish, eat breakfast each morning (when possible!), and avoid buying super unhealthy snacks. That being said, allow yourself treats here and there!! Balance is key, and everyone needs some queso and ice cream in their lives.

-Make time for fun: College can be stressful and it can feel like free time is a luxury. However, allowing yourself some time for social engagement and self-care is imperative to your mental health and shouldn’t be overlooked. Find a hobby, a favorite restaurant, or fun spot to go and unwind every once in awhile!


Although these are tips applicable to campus-life, there are definitely ways to keep up with these things at home during this quarantine. In fact, now is the best time to start focusing on your health and create lasting habits! Take time to exercise outside if you’re able by running, biking or creating HIIT workouts in your backyard. Instead of just eating breakfast every morning, get dressed, and make up your bed each day too. Doing things to make your day feel like routing will help promote normalcy. Look up a new recipe. Prioritize your mental health by fixing your sleep cycle, finding a new hobby, studying with a sibling, and FaceTiming friends. This is a situation that no one could have planned, but there are positives in having additional time if you choose to see them, especially when it comes to health. I encourage you to think about the things you wish you had more time for at school and make a goal to do at least one of those during this time!