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Green Initiatives on Campus

FSU has a plethora of ways that can help you be sustainable at school from the Garnet and Gold goes Green program to our grade A vegan meals in our dining hall — yes, foodie experts actually came to FSU to try the vegan options and gave it an A+. Just busting out the facts, don’t mind me. Our campus has encouraged sustainability by allocating recycle and trash bins everywhere you go on campus and implementing refill water fountains in our classes and residence halls. We are especially proud of our beautiful Landis Green, the heart of FSU’s campus that is flourishing with a variety of trees and flowers. It is our very own “Central Park” and encourages outdoor activities like hammocking, picnics, and ultimate frisbee to get the opportunity to be more in tune with nature. 

Being an environmental science major at FSU, I have invested quite some time in trying out the different environmentally conscious and sustainable programs/clubs that campus has to offer and my absolute favorite is he Environmental Service Program (ESP)! I remember my first meeting perfectly, I was surrounded by so many students just like me that were so enthusiastic and elated to talk about our environment and Mama Earth, the meeting was far from boring and totally exceeded my expectations. They are a group of hilarious, passionate, and determined students. If you want to make a difference in the Tallahassee community, earn some service hours/ get some experience, go on camping trips out in nature, and make some dope friends, then they are definitely your people. 

I have also worked with the Garnet and Gold goes Green program during one of our basketball games in the stadium. They focus on minimizing waste and collecting recyclables. So during the game, I dedicated a couple of hours of my time to gathering together recyclables from the crowd and what was leftover from the game, and might I say we saved so many recyclables from rotting forever in our landfills. My favorite part was getting to see the tangible impact I was making and knowing I had left the stadium making a small difference in my community. 

Need to get around campus and Tallahassee, but don’t have the luxury of a car? Well, no car no problem, FSU's reCycle Bike Program is giving students a bike to get around campus. FSU’s Sustainable Campus Program rents out renewed bikes for $50 a semester. We also love our FSU organic garden by Sustainable Campus. You can grow fruits and veggies or enjoy watching your favorite flowers blossom right on campus. With all that said I think it's safe to assume that our seminoles collectively try their best to treat Mama Earth right, because we love her and she is so so so vital to our existence and beyond. So if you are at FSU go for the Meatless Mondays, use a reusable bottle, be conscious of your single-use plastic usage, and enjoy nature because she rocks.