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Getting the Most from College Tours

January 30, 2019

How does one determine what schools to tour and what schools not to tour? As a high schooler you hear different stories about every school and everyone telling you why their school is the best, but how do you determine that for yourself? The best course of action, if you already have an idea as to what field you want to go into, is find the schools that have the best college that your field is in. For example, if you know you want to be in the business industry you way narrow down your list of schools to the ones with the best College of Business.

For those of you that are exploratory, or undecided, you may want to start thinking about geography and what’s around the college to help narrow down your list. As a kid that was born and raised in South Florida, I knew that I would not survive the harsh winters in the north, so I narrowed down my list of schools to Florida schools and a few schools in neighboring states. The next thing you want to do is research what there is to do at each school, academically and leisurely. If you know you want to get involved in a certain club or sport, look for those. If you know you want to be near the water or big city look for that. Not all colleges are in big towns because some towns are built around the college itself.

What I did to narrow down my list is I looked at what majors were offered, since I had narrowed my majors list down to three, and made sure the colleges I looked at offered all three majors I was interested in. Next, I looked at the location of each. I knew I wanted to be near the water to fish or even just go for a swim. I did my research and saw that University of North Florida was just a walk from the beach, but in a big city. University of South Florida was also near the coast and in a city not as big as Jacksonville. Florida State University and University of Central Florida both were not near the ocean but had many lakes surrounding them to fish and had golf courses near with student discounts. I was able to narrow it down to FSU, UCF, and USF and toured all three. After I toured all three, I felt that I could make the most of my college career and experience at Florida State, and that is where I reside today.