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Getting Involved on Campus

October 11, 2016

Getting involved on campus can have a major impact on your college experience. Clubs, Greek life, academic fraternities, intramural sports, alternative-break programs, getting an on-campus job...these are all ways to get involved at your school and meet new people. Meeting people in a new place, away from home can definitely be intimidating; it’s difficult to meet people when your classes are full of 300 students and the professor is lecturing the whole time. That’s why joining a club or Greek life or any other school-affiliated activity can be a life-saver when it comes to having a social life. Since I did not join Greek life at UCF, I joined a couple clubs and met so many new people who are interested in things that I am interested in!

If none of the clubs at your school appeal to you, then getting a job or playing intramural sports are also great ways to meet people. Having friends at your work is fun because you’re making money and hanging with cool people. Alternative-break programs are awesome because they give you the opportunity to spend a school break in a new place with new people. Sometimes students are not interested in going back home for Spring or Winter break so they have the option to travel with a group of students.

If you are totally against getting involved on campus, don’t think that your life is over and you are going to have no friends. Sometimes you meet people in the strangest ways. I became best friends with the girl who lived across the hall from me, I never thought that would happen! Standing in line at a lunch spot on campus, or asking to sit with a random person at their empty table at the library are also ways you could meet a new friend. Be open to meeting new people everywhere you go and you will find “your people.”