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Getting Around Campus

Each year I spent at FSU I have used different forms of transportation to get around. My freshman year I lived in a dorm and I either skateboarded or walked to class. Usually when I went to the gym or a class across campus I would use my skateboard. A class that would take me about 15 minutes to walk to would take about 5 if I skated. One of my two roommates also had a car and would give us rides places when needed. My second year I lived in a different dorm that was farther away from campus.

This year I stopped using my skateboard and brought a bike I had back home with me. This was definitely an easier and a little faster way to get around campus and I enjoyed it. The main reason that I wanted to bring a bike up with me is because my roommates from freshman year were moving in a house together and I wanted to be able to visit. It was about a 20 minute bike ride from my dorm to their place. Thankfully it was close and I could cut through campus for about half of the way. Half the time or a friend would pick me up or I would just Uber.

My junior year I moved in with my friends at the house, got a car, and ditched the bike. A car is definitely the most convenient form of transportation around FSU but parking on campus can be tricky especially during the middle of the day. I also used the FSU bus system to get from class to class after I had parked at school because I had classes on the opposite sides of campus last semester.