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Finding Friends on Campus

October 02, 2019

Going to school at one of the largest universities ever originally seemed like a daunting task, and it wasn’t until I began spending more of my free time wandering about campus that I made friends with some incredible people. I’m not even joking when I say I came to UCF knowing only one person. By the end of my first semester at UCF, I had already become best friends with the five caring and compassionate people in the photo above. 

Since starting at UCF, I’ve met countless people that are profoundly positive in their outlook on life. When you start talking to the people to your left and right before class starts, you learn that we all come from different walks of life, but we’ve all so much to share with one another. Just walking out of one of my Engineering classes, I learned about this one woman who is going to school to get a degree in honor of her father who never went to college. She even told me that she grew up rebuilding old cars from the ground up with her dad. How cool is that?! Going to class is, by far, the easiest way to make friends. However, there is one other way to make friends that can be way more fun than sitting in on a mediocre lecture…

Meeting people through mutual friends is, as a matter of fact, how I met every single person in the photo! In the back row, left, Sonia is the first friend I made! She and I both went to high school together, but we didn’t become friends until we happened to see each other on campus at UCF! (Truth be told, the two of us didn't even know that we were each going to UCF!!) Sonia introduced me to two women she had met in her dorm: Gayatri and Kim. (both of whom are in the back row) Lastly, the two men whom I know consider my very own brothers, Omar and Lito, are in the bottom row, posing next to me. Just like how I met Kim, she introduced me to her high school friend Omar who––in turn––introduced me to his brother Lito. The amount of adventures I’ve gone on with these five! There have been too many late nights, too many group chats, too many lazy fridays, too many inside jokes––it’s too much!!

If you, the inquisitive student reading this, get anything out of this, just make sure that you don’t keep reading things like these long after your Freshman Orientation days are over!! Once you get to college, get out there! Be free! Explore! MAKE FRIENDS! I once met a fellow Engineer who happened to be building a specialized wheelchair for his Senior Design project and he wanted my input, and I didn’t even know him!!! I was merely on campus grabbing a cup of coffee when he happened to stop me and talk to me!!! You never know when or where you’re going to make friends, but you’re certainly not going to make friends by binging episodes of Friends or Brooklyn Nine-Nine in your dorm room!!! Go and meet your very Sonia, or Kim, or Gayatri, or Lito, or even Omar!! Make memories that are so incredibly amazing that you’ll end up writing a blog about it someday…