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Finding a Friend Group on Campus

October 26, 2017

As a student there are literally hundreds of clubs to choose from, ranging from the Underwater Basket Weaving Club to the All-Saxophone Festival Orchestra. The first step to finding the right club for you is to figure out what your interests are and what you would like to do to improve yourself, improve others, or improve your university. The easiest place to start is with your major; for example, I am in the Association for Computer Engineers, or ACE. They have clubs for every major and even some that combine majors. Another easy way to find a club is to figure out what makes you special and join one of those clubs.

There are a lot of exclusive clubs for women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc. and are a great way to meet some peers who you know you have something in common with. If you’re like me (just some generic white guy) a great place to start is at rush, whether you want to rush a Fraternity or a Sorority. Remember, they don’t have to be Greek: some fraternities are co-ed and can be service, business, and even religious fraternities.

If nothing seems to appeal to you, try to find a club that one of your friends is in. This isn’t so you follow them and don’t make any friends, but so you can meet people with common interests as you and join the other clubs that they’re in. And just remember, it’s ok to have more than one friend group.

Another great way to get involved is to ask questions. If you ask people, “Hey what clubs are you in? I’m looking to join (blank) club.”, they’ll immediately tell you everything they’re involved in and try to get you to join. Most people like to promote their club and spreading it by word of mouth is the most powerful way to do so.

My final piece of advice is to try everything you can and to be involved as possible without overwhelming yourself. I firmly believe that to maximize your college experience, you shouldn’t be watching Netflix for 6 hours a day. Get out and meet new people, try new experiences, and most of all find out who you really are.