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Finals in College vs. Finals in High School

December 10, 2019

College finals are certainly harder than most high school finals, but with the proper preparation there is nothing to worry about. An important thing to know about you finals in college is when and where they are so you can plan accordingly. For example, you have may have some finals on the same day, some earlier than usual, and others at a different location than your regular class. You should know all of these things ahead of time so you can plan when to start studying for your tests. The reality of college finals is that you will likely be finishing other assignments as you are preparing for your finals.

For me, finals week means it’s crunch time. The way I look at it is after my finals, I will have a break from school for a little so I might as well try my best and put in the hours of studying. For some classes, you may only have two exams and then a final exam, in which case each test would have a lot of weight on your grade. Another class may have homework, biweekly quizzes, and a final exam that weights less than a third of your grade. Other classes might have a project or paper in place instead of a final exam. In my information science class which I am currently taking online, I have a video project instead of a final which is a nice change because it doesn’t involve as much studying.

Information about your finals will usually be discussed in class well in advance and be in the class syllabus. Some finals can cumulative but most of the exams I have taken so far haven’t been. It is also important that you give yourself extra time to get to your final so you do not have less time to take it or arrive too late to take it. Often you will not be allowed to take an exam if your arrive too late. If you miss an exam, makeups are typically only allowed unless you have an excused absence such as a doctors note.