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Fall College Visits

October 13, 2016

There’s nothing quite like college in the fall. Fall is a great time to explore the schools you are interested in for so many reasons, and for seniors fall tours are a helpful way to see the schools you are applying to and hearing back from in the upcoming months. True story, fall visits are so important that my high school travel coach wouldn’t even allow visits until the fall season commenced. And she was right to do so.

There’s nothing quite like the energy at college during fall; freshman are beginning to figure it out and feel comfortable on campus while upperclassmen are still enjoying the sacred time before all of their work catches up with them, not to mention the fun that comes with a home football game. Fall is a wonderful time to see a school for what it truly is, to experience as closely as you can to what the majority of your time at college could look like while everyone is on campus.

The idea of attending a school with a different, colder climate than that of your hometown can be scary. When you visit in the fall not only do you get to experience all of the beautiful colors and sights that come with autumn, but you also get to dip your toes into the chillier weather instead of a summer visit where you avoid the weather or even more frightening, diving straight into winter.

Whether you’re a senior, junior, or even a sophomore a fall visit can teach you what you need to do in order to prepare for the college you’re looking to attend -- be that academic or application requirements.

The college process can be overwhelming, you’re constantly being bombarded with what you need for different schools, but on a fall visit you get to hear it straight from the source with plenty of time to prepare yourself. Not to mention, the weather’s a huge bonus?