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Exam Prep College Style

December 05, 2016

College is a place for many things; it’s a place to grow, it’s a place experience new things, and it’s a place to have fun... but most importantly, it is a place to learn. To learn, YOU MUST GO TO CLASS.

The first step to doing well on your exams is to go to class. Going to class can earn you participation points and it helps you understand the material you’re learning. If you do not go to class, you’ll most likely be lost in that class, and your participation grade will be horrible.

When I had a test in high school, I would either study the night before or the morning of in homeroom. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to not procrastinate in college. I’m currently in my Fall semester at the University of Florida majoring in Accounting, and I have all A’s.

I have all A’s because I, surprisingly, have good study skills. If I have a Business Calculus exam on Friday, I will start studying for it on Monday. Studying a week or even two weeks before is so beneficial to you for many reasons. If you study in advance, you’ll feel less stressed and more prepared at the exam time.

I have friends that only study the night before and they currently have D’s in Business Calculus. Trust me, you do not want to dig yourself into a hole in your first semester at college.

If I have any exam on a Friday, I will always start to study that Monday. Here's how:

On that Monday, I just go over the oldest material that we’ve learned.

On Tuesday I'll skim over the old material, and start to study the next material that we’ve learned.

On Wednesday I will do the same thing;skim the old material and study the new material.

Finally, on Thursday, I will just skim and review all of the material, and then take a couple of practice exams.

By Friday, I am extremely well-prepared for the exam.

The biggest advice that I can give a current high school senior is to develop good study habits for college.