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Concerts in College

February 21, 2020

Without a doubt, one of the most fun activities to any 20-something college student is attending a concert. Only catch is, it’s not always the most conducive to the notorious “college budget” which for many students is much less than what they were used to in high school. Many people quickly find that all of their money that was previously allocated to fun and leisure, in college is more often spent on food and necessity instead. The only upside to this is that those in charge of organizing concerts on campus are typically students in organizations like Student Government, for example. Therefore, they understand how college can alter a person’s budget and in effect, aim to find ways to make concerts affordable to most students.

At the University of Florida, luckily there are a few different types of concerts that occur throughout the year for us to attend. The most well-known is called Gator Growl. This is a big show that is highly-anticipated and marks the end of our homecoming week each year. The artist changes annually, often along with the genre to keep it exciting and to appeal to all different crowds. In my three years here thus far, we’ve had Snoop Dogg, Walk the Moon, and Chase Rice come and perform! (These tickets are usually only around $10-20 as well, which is much less would be to see them at most venues.) In addition to Growl, Student Government typically puts on a few concerts throughout the year that are actually free to the student body!

A few examples of artists we’ve had are Quinn XCII, Young the Giant and Tory Lanez. These shows along with Gator Growl all occur on a big recreational field near the southwest portion of campus. While these are all very fun and more affordable, my personal favorite concert experience in college was when Garth Brooks came and actually performed in the Swamp, which is our football stadium! It did cost a bit more money, but it was the first concert to actually be held in the stadium in twenty-five years. Seeing one of my favorite places in the world be filled to the brim with thousands of students and alumni for a legendary artist was an unforgettable experience. Therefore, my advice to you would be to make sure to take advantage of the different concerts that occur on your campus and acquire some incredible memories in return!