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College Summer School

Summer school in college is a parent’s worst nightmare but any college student’s dream. After I had already signed up to take classes at Florida State during the summer, my parents realized their mistake. They just paid for their son to go to a college town for six weeks and take two easy classes. My parents thought it was the end of the world. I was able to pacify them by explaining to them that summer school is a great way to get used to college class, college life, living completely on your own, and I was also taking meaningful classes.

Taking summer classes before your freshman year is a tough decision. You’re coming right out of high school, have to leave home for the summer, and it’s your first time in college. Many seniors in high school always say how they can’t wait to get away from home and go to college. I was the opposite, of course I was excited for college, but I wanted to spend one last summer at home. Although I wasn’t ready to leave, taking summer classes before my freshman year was the best decision I ever made.

The main point I’ll emphasize on the educational side of things is it’s a great way to start off college with a high GPA. The problem is you only have two classes a week and so much freedom. There are parties every night of the week and so much stuff to do during the day, it is easy to let your school work fall by the side. The classes I took in summer session were easy classes but classes that I had to take and put me a step ahead when fall came around, which made my parents feel better.

If you have the choice, I would strongly urge you to take summer classes. Those six weeks were the best time of my life. You meet so many people, see what college is all about, knock out a couple required classes, start the fall with a solid GPA, and have a hell of a time.