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College Relationships

February 14, 2020

If you ever ask any college graduate what it is like to have a relationship in college, 99% of the responses you will receive are “just don’t” or “steer clear of a relationship.” I tried taking that advice to heart, but it lasted all of one semester.

It all started with man’s best friend, Tinder. I used Tinder for about one semester until I found a girl I really like, standing right in front of me. For those of you who are single and about to begin your first year of college, Tinder is not a bad place to meet people. Tinder is used by a good majority of single, college-age students that try to meet new people every day. You do not always meet the people you match, and the majority of matches do not turn out to be long-term relationships — but that’s not always the case. Tinder is different for everyone. Some people will see someone they have already met and by swiping right, which is the way you swipe if you like person, you are pretty much telling them they are pretty or hot and you want their snapchat. If they think you are attractive too, they will also swipe right and boom you have a match. Some people use Tinder to meet new people, people they have never met before and it usually goes off if they think you are attractive and the personality, they assume you have by reading your short profile bio. 

As I stated before, I did not take people’s advice and I am currently in a relationship. It just happened to be that a close friend from home had a closer friend from home that I had never met. Well, I spit my game and I have been in a happy relationship for about 10 months now. I still to this day find it humorous that we lived 20 minutes away from each other, had some of the same friends, but had never met. Dating is not for everyone in college as some of you may find out on your own; however, I have tried it out and would take my girlfriend over a Tinder match any day.