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Choosing from the Colleges You Were Accepted To

If you were accepted to two schools or 10 schools, you have a choice to make of where to go for a higher education for the next four years. This choice may be easy, or the hardest choice of your life. Let me start by saying no matter where you go, it’ll be a good fit for you. You were accepted by the school that’ll soon be your alma mater.

Most people ranked their schools of choice before they even applied, but that might change with scholarship, the people who get in, and other personal factors that you may not have thought of when applying. If you need to re-rank your schools, here’s how to do it.

To start, make a list of what qualities you want from your perfect school. They could be location to size to the demographic of kids going there. Whatever it is, don’t let one quality be your deciding factor. Weigh in all the factors of each school, no matter how good one school’s academics seems compared to the rest.

Another large factor that some people need to weigh in is scholarship. Don’t make your decision until you can see how much money you got from each school, even if it comes out in late March or April. You don’t need to decide immediately. Don’t feel pressured into making your decision early because all your friends or your significant other wants you to choose a certain school.

Finally, talk to your parents or a mentor that you trust. Go talk to someone who only wants the best for you, even if they have no idea about how applying for college works. If you explain to them your pros and cons of each school, along with scholarship and friends for each school, they should be able to help you with your decision. All they want is the best for you.

In the end, don’t let one factor choose what school you go to, and if you need help, go to an adult who wants the best for you.