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Breaks in College

February 19, 2019

Breaks in college are both a blessing in a curse for a lot of people. On the one hand (in theory) you’re getting time away from all responsibilities, you get to relax, and you get to spend time with all the people you haven’t seen in months. Sounds great right? Well, the thing about having all this free time is that you start to realize that there isn’t as much of it as you think. You go on vacation or begin to binge watch an entirely new Netflix show and next thing you know, you’re trying to cram months worth of home-time into two weeks. So when this happens to you, as it most likely will, here are some Sparknotes of what to take really advantage of when you’re home. 

The first one is definitely the people. No matter what, the biggest regret you’ll face when you go back to school is not spending enough time with loved ones. So even if you are going to enjoy your time vegetating in front of the TV for all of break, invite your Mom or an old friend to watch with you, even if it seems silly. The little moments with them are worth so much more when you’re not around them every day anymore. Next, being home means hitting up all of your favorite food spots, whether it’s an actual restaurant or your family’s cooking. You don’t realize how accustomed you get to certain things until you realize how weird it feels to not have had Zona Fresca twice in one week. Make your meals count and enjoy meals and places that you can’t get back at school.

Finally, spend time enjoying all of your hometown staples. For example, being from South Florida means spending every somewhat warm day somewhere near a beach or the ocean for me. But for you, maybe this means going to your favorite park, gym, store, etc. At the end of the day, being home means using your time to appreciate all of the little things about where you live because home truly wouldn’t be home without them.