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Black and Gold is the New Black

On a college campus, you are never too far away from something free: free food, free pens, free tote bags, etc.! However, the number one object you will acquire in excess while at college is, undoubtedly, free t-shirts! So the question must be asked: How many free t-shirts is too many? The real answer? None! Since UCF’s school colors are Black and Gold, you truly cannot go wrong embracing the sophistication that is an outfit revolving around a black shirt! 

At least 50% of the students on campus are wearing UCF apparel at any given moment, so you’re going to feel like you belong when you walk across campus in your Multicultural Student Association T-shirt, or your UCF CARES T-shirt, or your This Is UCF T-shirt... Okay, I think you get the picture. 

Additionally, when you have a surplus of free t-shirts, you can push off doing laundry so you can have more time to party!––er...I! You never need to think “What am I going to wear today?” because your closet will be overflowing with t-shirts! 

If you even want to go so far as to be the best ambassador for your university when it comes time for the holidays, you can take your t-shirts and gift them to anybody thinking about coming to your college. You can even give your parents, siblings, or friends t-shirts!!! You get a t-shirt! YOU get a t-shirt! YOU GET A T-SHIRT! EVERYONE!!

In conclusion, you can see that there truly is no reason to ever say “NO!” when anybody asks you if you’d like a free t-shirt! You got into college! They chose you! Celebrate! Embrace it! Show off your UCF Pride!!!